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Paul Redmond

Paul Redmond

Zombie Careers: Will You Lose Your Job To AI?

‘Zombie’ jobs and careers are those that are at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality over the next twenty years. Employability expert Paul Redmond explores the forces of change that are transforming the world of work, and the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to avoid career zombification.

Follow Paul on @drpaulredmond Dr Paul Redmond is the Director of Student Experience and Enhancement at the University of Liverpool and one of the UK’s leading experts on generational change and the future of work. In Liverpool and around the world, Paul helps organisations and professionals acquire the skills and knowledge to thrive in today’s multi-generational workplace.

Over his career, he’s helped guide the careers of thousands of students and graduates. Paul is the author of numerous books, reports and studies, including the best-selling, The Graduate Jobs Formula: How to Land Your Dream Career, and is currently working on his new book, The Rise of the Zombie Jobs’, which will reveal Paul’s forecasts on the jobs and careers that are most likely to be lost to AI and robotics – and those that (for now) are likely to be safe.

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