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Tanyalee Davis

Tanyalee Davis

International Comedian

Standing at a modest 3’6″, Tanyalee Davis’ physical height hides a towering personality and onstage presence. With a comedy career spanning nearly 30 years Tanyalee has performed all over the world. She premiered her first one-woman show in 2007 at the Edinburgh Fringe entitled “Little Do They Know” which went onto garner 4-star reviews.

Based on the success of her Fringe show, she enjoyed an extended run in the Las Vegas Strip performing her “One Woman Show”. In 2019 Tanyalee remains at the top of her craft and will be performing in 10 countries over the next year with gigs in Las Vegas, Dubai, Edinburgh, Antwerp and in many other cities around the world and the UK.

Aside from her standup comedy, Tanyalee serves on the Board of Directors of GR8 AS U R, which is an anti-bullying/kindness campaign. She also heads up the #ScootergirlCampaign where she advocates for better treatment for disabled people using public transport in the UK.

Originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario in Canada and also a US citizen, Tanyalee now makes her home in the United Kingdom.


Tanyalee’s TEDx Talk 


As a Canadian-American stand up comedian, who happens to be a little person who uses a mobility scooter, Tanyalee Davis has experienced some incredible highs in her career such as performing on Live at the Apollo and The John Bishop Show but has also has dealt with some real lows such as being humiliated and bullied on UK public transport. Tanyalee believes you are only limited by what you can’t see yourself doing. This is her story.

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