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Stephen Bayley

Stephen Bayley

Design Guru

Stephen Bayley has enjoyed a long career as one of the UK’s most influential voices in design. His books and journalism have, over forty years, changed the way the world thinks about design.
In fact, the legendary author Tom Wolfe described him by saying “I don’t know anybody with more interesting observations about style, taste and contemporary design”.

Stephen was born in Cardiff, 13th October, 1951 and formally educated at Manchester University and the Liverpool University School of Architecture.

His work with Terence Conran on the Boilerhouse Project at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London went on to become the most successful exhibition space of the 1980’s. Their success at the V&A led directly to the eventual creation of the Design Museum in London of which Stephen was the founding CEO.

Stephen is the author of 22 books including Taste and Liverpool: Shaping the City. His latest book, How to Steal Fire, was published earlier in 2019 and co-authored with former Conran CEO Roger Mavity.

He is presently Design Critic of The Spectator and formerly the Architecture Critic for The Observer.


Stephen’s TEDx Talk 

Thinking Analogue

We hear the word ‘creativity’ every day. We get told to embrace it, or to become more creative…yet, can we really define creativity? Creativity resists classification. If it could be measured and manufactured, it wouldn’t be so very rare. And the same is true for creative people: they don’t behave in an ordinary way. Nor do they have predictable responses.

In his talk, design and style guru Stephen Bailey will guide us on a journey to the essence of creativity and creative people “who”, he defines,”are impossible, but we would not want to live without them.”

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