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Jane Davis MBE

Jane Davis MBE

Reading Revolutionary

Jane Davis is the Founder of The Reader, a Liverpool-based charity that has pioneered the use of Shared Reading to improve wellbeing, reduce social isolation and build resilience in diverse communities across the UK and beyond.

Responding to a challenging upbringing, Jane took refuge in reading. Her passion for literature had been instrumental in helping to turn her life around and inspired Jane to create The Reader. The organisation seeks to create a Reading Revolution to get great literature into the hands of people who need it.

Thanks to the support of a growing movement of 1,000 volunteers and a range of funders and partners, there are now more than 500 Shared Reading groups that take place each week in care homes, hospitals, prisons, mental health settings, libraries, recovery centres, schools and community spaces across the UK.

The Reading Revolution has also spread around the world to countries, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA and New Zealand

In 2013, The Reader charity became the custodians of the Mansion House, a listed building in the heart of Calderstones Park. After raising £5m for a total restoration and shutting for 3 years, the Mansion House reopens in September 2019 and will become home to the International Centre for Shared Reading.


Jane’s TEDx Talk 

You Need It, But you Don’t Know You Need It: How Shared Reading Can Help Us Connect

Readers down the ages have testified to literature’s capacity to make us feel better – better in ourselves and better about ourselves. But what moves us in literature isn’t just seeing the words, on the page, it’s hearing them resonate, in the air. In this talk, reading revolutionary, Jane Davis, challenges the traditional idea that reading is a solitary activity and explores what great novels, poems and short stories can do for us when we share them aloud with others.

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