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Jackie Bell

Jackie Bell

Scouser STEM Evangelist

Jackie Bell is a Senior Teaching Fellow at Imperial College London and an Honorary Fellow of the University of Liverpool Mathematics Department. A Scouser born and bred, Jackie is proud of her heritage and is passionately dedicated to raising the aspirations of children and adults from backgrounds similar to her own, challenging negative preconceptions and changing young people’s beliefs that higher education and careers in STEM aren’t for them. Her ultimate dream is to follow in the footsteps of Helen Sharman and Tim Peake in becoming Britain’s next astronaut – and more specifically – the first Scouser in space!

Having always had a passion for science and a curiosity for the unknown, Jackie became the first in her family to go to University. Graduating with a BSc in mathematics, Jackie was awarded a John Lennon Memorial Scholarship which enabled her to continue her studies in mathematical sciences before progressing to a PhD in theoretical particle physics.

Jackie’s passion for space exploration led her to became one of twelve finalists (from 3000 applicants) to take part in the BBC science production ‘Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes?’. Following filming, Jackie has continued to work towards her dream of becoming an astronaut, learning to speak Russian and fly helicopters in her spare time. She continues to inspire people of all ages with her journey and was named the North West, Wales and Ireland’s ‘STEM Rising Star’ at the 2018 Forward Ladies Regional Awards.


Jackie’s TEDx Talk 

An Insider’s Guide To Becoming An Astronaut

The European Space Agency may start recruiting new astronauts as early as next year, so say some news reports. But what does is actually take to become an astronaut? Join Jackie as she entertains us with the highs and lows of her TV experience and guides us through the skills necessary in becoming one of the elite few to live and work onboard the International Space Station (and beyond!)

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