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Fallen Angel Dance Theatre

Fallen Angel Dance Theatre

Spaces to Awaken



Imagine a space where you could awaken and be who you are at your essence, your core…no judgement, only love and acceptance. That is what Paul Bayes Kitcher has created, and it’s magical to watch how he creates the safety for his dance crew to transform and perform. Paul is an artistic director who delivers performances and participatory projects within criminal justice, addiction/recovery and rehabilitation and community settings.

The majority of his pupils have never danced before yet alone performed. Paul, on the other hand, is trained at the Royal Ballet School and Rambert. He was so disciplined that he went on to dance in various principal roles, including with

The Birmingham Royal Ballet as well as working with world-renowned choreographers such as Michael Corder, David Bintley, Sir Peter Wright and Sir Kenneth Macmillan who created roles for him. Despite this apparent outward stardom, Paul struggled with addiction. Age 30 at the peak of his career, his life had become unmanageable, and he entered rehab. It was then he began to explore his recovery through dance theatre and this lead to him founding Fallen Angels Dance Theatre.

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