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Dr. Jenny Zhang

Dr. Jenny Zhang

Energy Wizard


It’s universally accepted that our current energy sources are not sustainable. Overuse of fossil fuels is creating a climate crisis and regardless we’ll eventually run out of oil and gas. Dr Jenny Zhang is a Cambridge University chemist who believes she might be able to find an answer to this massive problem in the form of artificial photosynthesis. Could we mimic the natural photosynthesis we see in plants and use this energy to power our world?

Jenny is a highly interdisciplinary chemist who is about to start her research group at the University of Cambridge in sustainable energy research. After obtaining her PhD from the University of Sydney in Australia, she joined the University of Cambridge as a Marie Curie Fellow in 2013 to research how photosynthetic enzymes convert light energy into chemicals.

In addition to conducting cutting-edge research, Jenny is also passionate about communicating the magic of leading-edge scientific research to wider audiences outside of academic institutions.

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